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Do you have an adventure mentality? Or are you allergic to adventure? The reality is whether you crave adventure or are adventure adverse, chasing wonder requires a measure of discomfort. In fact, if you are honest with yourself, you may have been given an opportunity to pursue wonder or adventure, but you may have talked yourself out of it feeling like it isn't the right time, too messy, or not prepared. You wouldn't be the first, and you certainly aren't the only one. I promise this episode will not make you feel bad for missing it because my guest Ginger Stache and I are talking about how the Lord in his Kindness is so good to give us a second chance, even if we missed the first. So no need to FOMO; dive in with me to learn from the amazing Ginger Stache, who has had many adventures as the CCO of Joyce Meyer Ministries, working in TV for over 35 years, and as a mom and grandmother. Ginger's joy is contagious, and I know you'll walk away with more than a few inspirational quotes to add to your collection. Check out her new book,  Chasing Wonder; Small Steps Toward a Life of Big Adventures.*Remember to leave a 5-start review on your podcast platform!Say hi on IG to Ginger and the Wholehearted Community!*If you purchase anything via this link, you've added a few nickels and pennies to support this podcast. Thanks so much! XOAre you struggling to find that perfect gift? Do you wonder why their list looks so crazy different from yours? Well, wonder no more because I’ve created the Enneagram Gift Giving Guide created with you in mind.  Get the free guide plus bonus gift tags at 

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