Reclaim Your Influence a conversation with Enneagram Four Ronne Rock

Are you in search of a “long road walker”? If you aren’t sure exactly what I mean by the phrase, I’ll define it as someone who is willing to walk alongside you in the good and the bad. Cheering you on when things are going your way and offering comforting truth when it gets tough. Well, if you are anything like me, you are always on the hunt for long-road walkers and I know you are going to love hearing from my new friend Ronne Rock. She’s a real deal, Enneagram Type four, storyteller, a mentor from a “certain” generation, and teacher of scriptural truth. I can’t wait for you to hear this conversation. If you are interested in specific episodes about the Enneagram Type Four check out episode #171 in my Motherhood and Enneagram series and episode #106 the Summer in the Enneagram Series 2019.Come say hi to Ronne and me on Instagram!Schedule a 15-minute Enneagram coaching zoom session. Download your free copy of Enneagram for Moms Guidebook. Are you struggling to find that perfect gift? Do you wonder why their list looks so crazy different from yours? Well, wonder no more because I’ve created the Enneagram Gift Giving Guide created with you in mind.  Get the free guide plus bonus gift tags at 

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