Scripture As A Habit | Jen Pollock Michel Enneagram One

Today we are starting our Wholehearted EnneaSummer with a new friend, and Enneagram One, Jen Pollock Michel. I invited her on the podcast to share about her newest book, A Habit Called Faith. I’m a big fan of habits or at least making good ones, so a book to encourage building my faith habit is something I wanted to know more about. I was not disappointed in our conversation and in fact as I listened through a second time, I was taking notes on her wisdom about motherhood and launching adults, how the Enneagram has served her motherhood as she parents young adults, and even in how she cultivates her faith habits. I’m fairly confident you are going to enjoy Jen as much as I did!Interested in specific episodes about the Enneagram Type One? Check out episode #168 in my Motherhood and Enneagram series and episode #102 the Summer in the Enneagram Series 2019. Come say "Hi" to Jen and me on Instagram!Schedule a 15-minute Enneagram coaching zoom session. Download your free copy of Enneagram for Moms Guidebook. Are you struggling to find that perfect gift? Do you wonder why their list looks so crazy different from yours? Well, wonder no more because I’ve created the Enneagram Gift Giving Guide created with you in mind.  Get the free guide plus bonus gift tags at 

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