Comparison, Social media, & Phones

“A” constantly compares her body to girls on Instagram. “M” feels like the only one without true friends. “G” struggles with a social media addiction that depletes her mental health. “M” desires a life of adventure but instead feels chained to her phone. Social media has made us ALL feel like total crap in more ways than one. Let’s girl talk about that for a sec and then let’s discuss some real ways we can stop letting it control our lives and how we view ourselves. If you would like to submit an entry, go to Follow Holly on Instagram for more entries and conversation @submitdeardiarySubscribe on YouTubePodcast production and music by Alvarez Audio

Om Podcasten

I read your anonymous diary entries and talk about the struggles many of us secretly go through. Body image, social media, anxiety, insecurities, relationships...growing up is hard whether you're 13 or 23. Let's talk about it.