Feeling "Stuck" & Numb

"M" expresses how every day feels painfully the same, "S" lacks all motivation to better herself, "J" feels too stuck in her depression to reach her goals, and "V" is taking a positive approach to finally overcome her numbing habits.   I've gone through a period of feeling numb and "stuck" not too long ago. I felt paralyzed in my current mental and physical state; unable to find motivation or even reason to change. BUT - I can proudly say I'm no longer there! Let's talk about ways to get "unstuck" and begin our journey to mental freedom!   If you would like to submit an entry, go to submitdeardiary.com  Follow Holly on Instagram for more entries & conversations @submitdeardiary  Subscribe on YouTube  Podcast production and music by Alvarez Audio

Om Podcasten

I read your anonymous diary entries and talk about the struggles many of us secretly go through. Body image, social media, anxiety, insecurities, relationships...growing up is hard whether you're 13 or 23. Let's talk about it.