Insecurities & Self Love

“B” hates everything about her face and body. “T” struggles with accepting a specific part of herself she thinks is ugly. “P” deals with a lifelong insecurity about her weight. “C” talks about an insecurity most of the world ignores. “F” deals with serious self-hatred and despises who she is. “A” finds a way to overcome her deeply rooted insecurities.  Ahhhh, sweet insecurities. They’re the worst things to ever exist lol. So let’s dive into a NEW perspective and whisper some truth to our hearts for once. I don’t care who you are. If you have insecurities, this podcast is for you.  If you would like to submit an entry, go to  Follow Holly on Instagram for more entries & conversation @submitdeardiary  Subscribe on YouTube  Podcast production and music by Alvarez Audio

Om Podcasten

I read your anonymous diary entries and talk about the struggles many of us secretly go through. Body image, social media, anxiety, insecurities, relationships...growing up is hard whether you're 13 or 23. Let's talk about it.