SipTalk Ep. 206: 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We've compiled a list of the things we purchase or want to purchase over the last 12 months. The list is unendorsed by any manufacturers and companies, so our direction is untarnished. Let me know which items you like and which you think we should have added to the list.   House plant Fig Tree, Rubber plant, Money Tree, Peace Lilly   Vr Headset - HP Reverb G2   Vidbox Video Converter   Original Sega   Loop Earplugs    Serrano Ham Bone-In   Sony 1000XM5 headphones   Alpaca Wool Socks   Kruto Vodka Red - Ukrainian vodka   Outside Magazine Subscription - pick up one copy at the store and wrap it with a note   Wusthoff Classic line kitchen knives   Nest Doorbell   Measured pourers for bar liquor bottles -   Denim Jacket -not fur lined like last year’s suggestion   Various shaped silicone ice molds for bar   Melinda’s Creamy Style Habanero Wing Sauce   Pebble ice maker -   Beer Can Soda Sleeve   Battery back up power strip -   Breville Hand mixer   Culinary butane torch -   Lodge cast iron skillet -   Brass Fireplace aerator and poker   Crockinole board - --- Support this podcast:

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