SipTalk Ep.197: The Dangers of Keeping Our Children Safe

We're coddling the current generation and doing everything we can to keep them safe, unoffended, uninjured, and unexposed. Imagine a bodybuilder who didn't lift heavy weights because it was tough. Well, building strong humans and strong character with no adversity is equally impossible.  The next generation will be the weakest yet. Here's why:    CoHost, James Boswell, Accountant, Philosopher, Bartender & Professional Referee (  tw: @GetOffMyLawn204        Get 2 free stocks on me:                             $20 off your first box at Bespoke Post:              Products I recommend:                     And let me put $5 in your pocket:                           My favorite credit card is this: Text: 212-239-1839 --- Support this podcast:

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