Episode 15 - Advertisements

av SisterCodes | Publicerades 11/24/2020

How many ads do you see per day? In 1970 it was 500-1600 ads per day, in 2007 around 5,000 per day, and in 2020 it's estimated that a person sees 6,000-10,000 ads per day. In this episode of sistercodes, we're talking about the effects of encountering so many ads per day and ways you can limit the personalized ads you see. We also talk about the new Instagram layout (swapped activity with shopping tab), adblocker recommendations, and running ads as content creators.  Links: How Many Ads Do We See A Day How Quitting Instagram Saves Me Over $300 A Month AdBlocker Ultimate How to Change Ads on Instagram Manage What Type of Ads You See on YouTube Would you pay for an ad-free internet?

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