Skyjacks: Courier's Call - Episode 27

It's been two weeks since our heroes arrived in Tesh Urt and Kiran, June and Cici are enjoying their last night in the great city. Tonight is Riah Mutatio, also known as the Festival of the Shifting Winds. But tonight won't be all about colorful kites and festival foods. It seems that something has been stole from the Red Feather Capital ship, the Regulator and the thief in question needs our trio's help! What will they do? Will they heed the call when asked for help?

Om Podcasten

This all-ages actual play podcast GMed by Drew Mierzejewski. It follows the adventures of 14-year-old June Hymnal (Aly Grauer,) Kiran Rao (Paulomi Pratap,) Cecelia "Cici" Witwick (Aaron Catano-Saez) as they begin their careers as apprentices in the Swiftwell Courier Service. They travel the magical world of Spéir (from the Campaign: Skyjacks podcast) on a skyship and the backs of giant birds to deliver the mail. It's difficult and sometimes dangerous, but it's the adventure they've always dreamed of. Join them as they take flight!