Skyjacks: Courier's Call - The Jolly Jack Adventure - Part 2

Following the events of Otterbachs, the Red Audron of the Swiftwell Courier Service has continued its route to deliver mail throughout Spéir. After making a special delivery per Captain Dennison’s orders, Kiran, June, Cici, Braith, and Bobby-Gene find themselves trapped in a remote mountain pass during a storm. Fortunately, a certain mysterious skyship is docked nearby and its equally mysterious owner is ready to offer the couriers shelter for the night…

Om Podcasten

This all-ages actual play podcast GMed by Drew Mierzejewski. It follows the adventures of 14-year-old June Hymnal (Aly Grauer,) Kiran Rao (Paulomi Pratap,) Cecelia "Cici" Witwick (Aaron Catano-Saez) as they begin their careers as apprentices in the Swiftwell Courier Service. They travel the magical world of Spéir (from the Campaign: Skyjacks podcast) on a skyship and the backs of giant birds to deliver the mail. It's difficult and sometimes dangerous, but it's the adventure they've always dreamed of. Join them as they take flight!