PREMIUM PREVIEW - Affirmations For Sleep

To unlock this episode join Sleep Magic Premium today. Sign up on Apple Podcasts or on your favourite Podcast provider using this link 🪄 Join in just two clicks, for an elevated sleep experience, with Premium episodes to enjoy every Sunday, as well as ad-free listening on all episodes.  In tonight's bonus Sleep Hypnosis, exclusively for subscribers, let's talk positive affirmations. Affirmations can really change your life. They remind us that we want to grow, change and feel better. You can overcome that self-critical voice you hear in your head with positive thoughts and reminders of who you want to be. Let's explore this tonight, as we drift off to sleep. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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✨ Sleep Magic ✨ is a brand-new podcast from the creators of Sleep Wave that harnesses the power of Sleep Hypnosis and Meditation to help you fall asleep easily every night, hosted by hypnotherapist Jessica Porter. Alongside helping you drift off into a deep sleep, we’re also going to spend time talking about all the different things that go into being, well, human! From releasing worries to building self-love, we’ll dive deep into how we can improve our relationship with ourselves, as well as our sleep, one night at a time.🌙 Free episodes every Wednesday and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or via for Jessica's entire Sleep Wave back catalogue and an ad-free, Super Sleepy experience.