The Misconceptions of TikTok as a Full Time Job, How Much Money TikTok Creators Make, and Brand Deals with with Viral TikTok Creator HoneyBobaBear

in todays episode i say down with HoneyBobaBear, TikTok Creator, with over 4 million followers. We talked about the misconceptions of TikTok as a full time job, how much money TikTok creators make, and brand deals on TikTok in 2021! HoneyBobaBear TikTok: HoneyBobaBear Instagram: HoneyBobaBear YouTube: HoneyBobaBear Merch: Shop my Slime Shop + fidgets: ☆Get $10 store credit on Custom Logos, Labels, Packaging Tape: Shop Nichole Jacklyne Store Bought Slime ONLINE NOW: Shop my Slime Shop: Join my Mailing List: Nichole Jacklyne Amazon Storefront: Listen to my Podcast: Links to Everything: --- Support this podcast:

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Nichole Jacklyne is a 26 year old entrepreneur sharing the realities of running an ecommerce business in fidgets and slime, being a full time creator on TikTok and YouTube while living in Nashville, Tennessee. Listen weekly for new episodes every Monday Support this podcast: Instagram: @nicholejacklynepodcast Listen on Anchor: Support this podcast: