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69: What Do You Mean When You Say "Speech to Print"? with Angie Neal

Is there really a direct connection between difficulty with speech and learning to read?   There sure is, and Angie Neal is joining me in this episode to talk about this connection. We are also getting into why we need to be aware of this as SLPs, and how to help our students with literacy.   Angie Neal is the SLP Contact for the South Carolina State Department of Education, an adjunct instructor for the University of South Carolina, a Board Member for the South Carolina Branch of the International Dyslexia Association and she provides professional development across the United States on her favorites topics which include the /r/ phoneme, language, and literacy as well as social communication.     She completed the inaugural ASHA Leadership Development Program for School-Based SLPs and has spoken at ASHA twice as well as the International Council for Exceptional Children conference twice. She received the Nancy McKinley Leadership Award from the Ohio School Speech Pathology and Educational Audiology Coalition and is a former Teacher of the Year. She is the author of Spelling That Makes Sense, The Pirate Who Couldn’t Say Arrr (Tate Publishing), Simply Social At School (Super Duper Publications), and various products on TeachersPayTeachers!    Angie is giving such great advice in this episode as well as pointing us in the direction of numerous resources that we can use to learn more about supporting our students with their speech-to-print connection, so tune in!   Full show notes available at Where We Can Connect:  Subscribe to the Podcast Follow Hallie on Instagram  Follow Hallie on Facebook Follow Hallie on Pinterest

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