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74: Having a Multicultural Mindset and More: Working With Your English Language Learners with Sofia Almeida

Do you bring a strong multicultural mindset to your classroom?   This is so important because it allows us to create greater connections with the many different families and clients that we work with.    My guest, Sofia Almeida, is joining us to talk all about working with bilingual students and English language learners. She is also giving tips to monolingual speech therapists!   Sofia Almeida is new to this crazy speech world. She just graduated in 2019 and dove headfirst into the world of Instagram, joining an amazing community. She is a bilingual speech therapist in the big apple where she is certified in both Spanish and English. Having lived in Queens her whole life has allowed her to develop a multicultural mindset which has bettered her as an SLP, specifically with the bilingual community.  She has a love for the early childhood population where she works in a preschool by day and in private practice as a side hustle.    Her passion shines through her love for the field and hopes that everyone can develop a multicultural mindset in order to not only better our field but the world!   I am always so eager to have conversations like these because I actually work a lot with English language learners. I learned so much from Sofia, and I know you will too.   If you want to strengthen your multicultural mindset, this episode will be so helpful for you.   Resources Mentioned:   Full show notes available at   Where We Can Connect:  Subscribe to the Podcast Follow Hallie on Instagram  Follow Hallie on Facebook Follow Hallie on Pinterest

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