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85: AAC in the Classroom & More with Heather Cacioppo

Team collaboration and communication are so important between SLPs and special education teachers. We work with them quite a bit!    In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk,  I am chatting with Heather Cacioppo. Heather is a middle school self-contained life skills special education teacher with a Master’s degree in Teacher Leadership.    Heather has spent many years in the middle school special education classroom and has so much valuable information for us on creative ways to increase student engagement and get them implementing skills naturally.     She also clears up some common misconceptions about special education students when it comes to communication and reading.    Tune in to hear more about literacy activities, AAC implementation, team communication, and maybe even a little about “sabotage” in the classroom.  Resources Mentioned:  Visit the Full SPED Ahead website Shop Full SPED Ahead on TpT Follow Heather on Instagram Follow Heather on Facebook Follow Heather on Pinterest Full show notes available at   Where We Can Connect:  Follow the Podcast Follow Hallie on Instagram  Follow Hallie on Facebook Follow Hallie on Pinterest

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A speech and language podcast to motivate and inspire school-based SLPs. Just the tips, strategies, and low prep therapy ideas you need to walk into your therapy room with confidence and plan with ease.  Learn and hear stories an SLP in the trenches just like you!