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#47 Suzanne Tulien - how clarity around your personal brand can help you and your business

Suzanne Tulien is a Brand Clarity Expert, author, and speaker who specializes in helping her clients identify, define, and align their brand to what they want to be known for. She’s a firm believer in the power of aligned branding and how it can help solopreneurs launch and grow a successful business. She is the author of three books: Brand DNA, Personal Brand Clarity, and The 6 Myths of Small Business Branding. She speaks, trains, and consults internationally. In this episode Suzanne and I explore how branding can empower not just the business but also the business owner. We talk about the difference between marketing and branding, how brand values can translate to creating a business that stands out in a crowded market, and how personal branding can help us, as business owners, overcome mindset issues that may otherwise hold us back.

Om Podcasten

Go behind the scenes with female entrepreneurs as they reveal the struggles, strategies, and inspiring stories of successful small businesses. Hosted by Pepper Makepeace, an online business strategist for female solopreneurs and side hustlers and founder of the Small Business Sisterhood - an online membership community serving small business owners in the first stages of business. If you’re interested in connecting with like-minded women, learning effective business strategies from the experts, and getting inspired to keep moving forward in your business – then you’re in the right place.