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Episode 28: Dealing With and Overcoming Serious Illness With Meghan Konkol

av Smart Habits for Translators | Publicerades 10/20/2020

As many of you may know, October is international breast cancer awareness month. So, it seemed like the perfect time for a very important conversation: dealing with (and overcoming) serious illness, as well as some smart habits that can be helpful if you or someone you know is dealing with something similar right now (or in the future). We are very grateful to our colleague and friend, Meghan Konkol, for discussing this important topic with us. Here’s a summary of our conversation with Meghan: • How and when she started her freelance translation career • What her typical work day looks like and what changes she made because of the COVID-19 pandemic • How she protects the boundaries between her work and personal life • What smart habits have been crucial in her career • How her battle with breast cancer affected her work/life priorities • What role her support system played in the process • What habits she has found most helpful during her battle with cancer and what continues to be important for her, now that she is cancer-free • Her advice for other freelancers who are in a similar situation or would like to take some preventative steps • What you can do if you would like to help someone you know who is battling cancer, or if you would like to support breast cancer organizations Resources we mentioned in this episode: • Episode 27: A Special Episode to Celebrate Our First Podcastiversary • Meghan’s website and Twitter account • Episode 15: Smart Sleep Habits • Episode 2: Impostor Syndrome • The Todoist app • 1 Second Everyday • Episode 14: Smart Habits during Social Isolation: A Special Episode with Sara Maria Hasbun • Drops app for language learning • Voxer app: a walkie talkie messenger • Slack app for team communication • Breast cancer organizations that Meghan recommends supporting: o Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation o Young Survival Coalition o Breast Cancer Research Foundation o METAvivor o Living Beyond Breast Cancer o After Breast Cancer Diagnosis For a full list of resources, visit the show notes page for this episode: https://smarthabitsfortranslators.com/podcast-episodes/28

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