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Muslim Women Changing the Narrative, conversation with Fatima Barkatulla

Farhat Amin speaks to Fatima Barkatulla about women's rights, feminism, and a new Islamic organisation dedicated to helping Muslim women. Muslim women are half of the Ummah and they raise the other half, the fastest way to revive the Ummah is to nurture women. Muslim women have unique challenges, struggles and tailored response to their needs is imperative. Help Fatima Barkatulla and her team, MOTIVATE, FORTIFY, and EDUCATE Muslim women and see real change in the Ummah. Donate now: Read Farhat' New Book Smart Single Muslimah Read Farhat's New Book Smart Single Muslimah Help Farhat distribute the book globally. Donate here!/ --- Send in a voice message:

Om Podcasten

A Muslim podcast for Smart Muslim Women Farhat Amin is the author of the book Smart Single Muslimah She has delivered a number of lectures on women in Islam and feminism. With the help of her guests, she shares life advice that is Islamic, honest & thought-provoking. Podcast inspiration "By Time. The human being is in loss. Except those who believe, & do good works, and encourage truth, & recommend patience.” Surah Asr Alhumdulilah 50K listens! If this podcast inspired you, please leave a review so others can be inspired! Subscribe