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Why are Muslimahs turning to "halal dating" to find a husband? Conversation with Baba Ali from Half our Deen

Conversation with Baba Ali, he is the co-founder of Half our Deen, a Muslim marriage website. I found out about Half our Deen whilst I was doing research for a chapter in my book Smart Single Muslimah. The chapter is titled "How to find a husband?" I immediately liked the Islamic ethos of the website and wanted to find out more. In this episode, we discuss:    Why did Baba Ali decide to start a Muslim matchmaking site?  What is wrong with the approach of many other Muslim marriage apps and websites?  Why many Muslim matrimonial sites attract Muslim men who want to date rather than get married.  Why delaying marriage is a bad idea Why "halal dating" doesn't lead to a strong happy marriage full of barakah (blessings)  Does it make sense to want a 'modern progressive husband' but still expect him to give you 'your Islamic rights' as a Muslim wife?  If you're thinking of using a Muslim marriage app or site to find a husband, I would highly recommend this site. It has so many features that help you find someone compatible. Please share the site details with your friends and family.⁠  *Want more marriage advice?   Join the Pre-marriage Course & get the tools and advice you need to begin your marriage journey today. Email: --- Send in a voice message:

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