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5: Co-Creator of Process Optimizer, Co-founder & Certified EOS Implementor at The TRACTION Hub and Trainual Certified Consultant, Michael Erath

In this episode, Bradford talks to Trainual Certified Consultant, Co-Creator of Process Optimizer, and Co-founder & Certified EOS Implementor at The TRACTION Hub, Michael Erath about how to adapt to the current business climate. Late in 2010, Michael leveraged all that he had and started a new business. It was during the startup of his new business that Michael was introduced to the book Traction®. Shortly thereafter, Michael began implementing EOS® in his new business. Not only did the business grow and in 2015 make the Inc. 5000, but running the business on EOS® gave Michael the entrepreneurial freedom to eventually exit the day-to-day of the business and focus on his true passion, which is taking all that his entrepreneurial life has given him, share it openly and vulnerably, and in doing so give it all back. Since 2015, Michael has been a full-time EOS® Implementer where he not only coaches others through the implementation of EOS®, but shares from his more than 20 years of experiences in the trenches of the entrepreneurial world to help his clients recognize blind spots and learn lessons that can only be taught by someone who has lived through it all. Watch this episode on Youtube. Learn more about Trainual.

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