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Zeze Millz and Doc Brown

av Songs To Live By | Publicerades 4/2/2021

Songs To Live By is a podcast celebrating different generations of Black culture through the shared love of music. Host Vick Hope is joined by two guests, who grew up at different times, to share the songs that shaped their lives. Each guest brings two songs and each episode is a journey into their lives, our history and some great music - new and old. In this episode writer and rapper Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown) and blogger Zeze Millz chat about music, skipping church and the early days of a thing called the internet. With songs by Gospel superstar Kirk Franklin and Nas. Doc Brown is an actor, comedian, rapper and author of children’s books. Zeze Millz is a social media influencer, known for her no nonsense approach to interviews in The Zeze Millz show. These two go back and forth on culture, growing up in Black and mixed race households, and how music can propel them to new heights. A passionate conversation from passionate people.

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Songs To Live By celebrates Black culture through the music we love. Host Vick Hope is joined by two guests from different generations to share songs that have shaped them.