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Calm Your Mind

av soulcandy's podcast | Publicerades 3/12/2021

Shift from high-anxiety and self-doubt to calm clarity and optimal mental flow. Discover how to use your breath, body and biology to feel your best and do your best. Join world-class, mental fitness expert Cara Bradley and two-time New York Times bestselling author Anne Alexander as they share the fastest ways to get out of high-anxiety and into "high-definition" living. Episode includes Cara's PRACTICE: Self-Awareness Daily Boost.

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Welcome to SOULCANDY UNLEASH YOUR TRUE SELF and discover the power of living your purpose. Learn how to listen to your deepest wisdom, heal what hurts and unleash the power and joy of being you. Yes, you. Let go of fear, negative beliefs, people pleasing and playing small. Welcome courage, creativity and deep peace into your life. Join Anne Alexander, two-time New York Times bestselling author, on the ultimate journey into discovering and expressing who you are and why you are here.