PREMIERE: Quantifiq - Estezi [ADVR006] Incl. Sakdat Remix

﹥﹥ PREMIERE from Quantifiq - Estezi [ADVR006] Buy via Bandcamp: Quantifiq is the collaborative outline between two creative minds that aim to bring a dynamic colorful immersion into the electronic music culture. The concept resonates through minimal and organic grooves blended up with a stripped-down aesthetic that exploits the divergent sound strains affinities. ◉ Follow Quantifiq: - Instagram - Soundcloud @quantifiq - Facebook ◉ Follow Soundroom:

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Facebook page: ❖❖ Electronic music platform ❖❖ ▶ podcast ▶ livestream ▶ events ▶ rental ◆◆ "First of all, Romanian electronica is considered its own genre because of its very specific movements and ambient grooves which most other music doesn't have. No other genre of music that I've heard had such complex production methods where you can mix amazing bass grooves with minimalistic percussions/details, super organic sounds and elegant break-beat kicks which fit so perfectly together (and I've heard all from old school house to new deep techno and all in between). As far as Romania getting the title,it's mainly because they are the ones who took it to the next level,mind you this music is a form of micro-house/minimal that had been already in production for many years but on a very underground level - until Romania made it more popular (of course with the help of Ricardo Villalobos). The style of music really is something special,more intellectual in my opinion,because it takes a very trained ear to really understand it and enjoy it. For everyone whom is criticizing that it's only for druggies, this is very invalid information. Maybe the fact that it's so complex - it takes the average listener to take drugs in order to expand their mindset to listen and understand, but for those that get it, they do not need anything in order to enjoy such great abstract style of music." ◆◆