The Singing of Angels [SSL 255]

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Listen in as your host, Lisa Colón DeLay, engages in meaningful conversation with a diverse selection of best-selling authors, influencers, luminaries, leaders, unique thinkers, spiritual teachers, and ordinary people who lead interesting lives and do good in their part of the world. Soul School episodes are short reflections from the host. Check the audio weekly archives (at going back to April 2015 to enjoy a range of fascinating themes and distinguished guests like Seth Godin, Mark Nepo, Krista Tippett, Parker J. Palmer, Dr Daniel J. Siegel MD, Fr. James Martin, Omid Safi, Dr Ibram Kendi, AJ Levine, Pádraig Ó Tuama, Dr. Steven Porter, Dr Lerita Coleman Brown, Dr Vinod Goel, Dr Lisa Feldman Barrett, and many others to engage your intellect, spark your inner life, and add fuel to feed your relationships and sustain you for the long term. Supporters keep the program going. Pay-what-you-can and find extras and much more at Visit the official Spark My Muse website [] to access hundreds of episodes, to visit the Spark Store, to find Courses for deeper insights, or contact the host, teacher, creative director, and spiritual companion Lisa Colón DeLay who is also the author of the celebrated spiritual formation book "The Wild Land Within: Cultivating Wholeness Through Spiritual Practice".