[Episode 106] How to get started with a YouTube channel with historical dressmaker Cathy Hay (147k subscribers and counting!)

Now we don’t want you to choke on your Cornflakes (so strap in for a moment), but did you know…📹 YouTube has over 2 billion active monthly users. 📹 Just over a quarter of the world’s population access YouTube every month. 📹 We consume more than 1 billion hours of content on YouTube Every. Single. Day.(Source: Backlinko)🤯🤯🤯Want a piece of the action? Of course you do.It’s why we’ve added a YouTube module to our 90-Day Transformational Social Media Magic Programme (just another reason to come and join us if you haven’t already).AND Why we’re dedicating the next few episodes of the Sparkle and Thrive podcast to getting started on YouTube. 🎉🥳Kicking off the whole hoorah is the incredible Cathy Hay. She’s a historical dressmaker whose YouTube channel has a whopping 147k subscribers and a Peacock Dress Project that has entranced viewers for the past 10 years (no mean feat in an age where we can barely remember the names of last year’s winners of Love Island!!!).Here’s why you need to tune inIf you’re a craft maker, this is going to be right up your street. But even if your niche is fossils or tennis (more on this in next week’s episode 😂), there are oodles of tips if you’re a YouTubing newbie. You’ll love hearing why you shouldn’t get too hung up on the numbers too early and why you need to go and check out your favourite YouTubers’ early vids. Oh, and Cathy has kindly provided a kit list that’ll take you from YouTube novice to ninja in no time. Here’s what to listen out for:[01:13] Cathy describes building a business on social media.[06:22] Why you should start by ‘making friends’.[09:01] How do you grow a following when you’re starting out?[11:59] Cathy describes what makes YouTube unique. [15:18] Tune in to hear this great piece of advice. [17:56] How Cathy has been tackling an ‘impossible dress’.[27:49] Cathy talks through her YouTube kit list. [29:50] Cathy reveals her editing tools. [31:41] Are you ready to take off your invisibility cloak? So tune in now, and don’t forget that you can grab our FREE Getting Started On YouTube Guide AND Cathy’s not-to-be-missed Kit List at techpixies.com/youtube.Love our podcast? Come and join us for a LIVE recording! Sign up for our Facebook Live reminders.For details of links and resources mentioned in this episode, please head to TechPixies.com.Huge shout out to TechPixie Sophie Rose Simmons who create the pre-roll voiceover to our podcast! If you would like her to create your pre-roll voice over, please check her out at https://www.sophierosevoice.com/.

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