[Episode 108] 10 YouTube trends you need to know with our YouTube coach, Aby Moore

Joy, our chief TechPixie, just bought her family a campervan (we’re placing bets on how long it’ll be before it’s decked out in stars!!! ⭐). But when she wanted to know how to work the Rock & Roll bed (no, we have no idea either 😂), where did she head? YouTube, of course. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to buff out a scratch on your wooden floor, do a smokey eye like a pro, or have seen your kids lose hours glued to watching someone play their favourite video game, you’ll know just how powerful YouTube tutorials can be.And here at TechPixies, we have just the woman on hand to help you maximise the potential of a platform that has an incredible 400 hours of content uploaded to it every single minute. 🤯Aby Moore is the woman behind our new YouTube module, and in this brilliant episode, she’s taking you on a whistle-stop tour of the YouTube trends you need to know this year and beyond. Here’s why you need to tune in📹 You’ll learn how Hub, Hero and Help content can boost your know, like and trust factor. 📹 You’ll find out about some of the most popular trends on YouTube (and you’ll get Aby’s top tips on how you can make the most of them on your own channel). 📹 And you’ll hear what content is hot right now. It’s a zinger of an episode. Here’s what to listen out for:[03:27] Learn about the three main types of content you need to do on YouTube.[05:40] How do you monetize your YouTube channel?[10:59] Discover what’s popular on YouTube right now. [14:14} What trends should you tap into? [18:50] Make the most of follower-dedicated content.[21:40] The power of YouTube tutorials. [24:23] What other trends should you watch out for? [27:43] Why you don’t need to be tied to your niche. So tune in now and then go and conquer the world of video with our Getting Started on YouTube guide. Grab your copy HERE.For links and resources mentioned in this episode, please visit TechPixies.com. Love our podcast? Come and join us for a LIVE recording! Sign up for our Facebook Live reminders.Huge shout out to TechPixie Sophie Rose Simmons who created the pre-roll voiceover to our podcast! If you would like her to create your pre-roll voice over, please check her out at https://www.sophierosevoice.com.

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Joy Foster is an award winning entrepreneur who helps women upskill with modern technology in order to return to work, change careers or start a business. Most recently she was recognised by Grant Thornton as one of the 100 Faces of the Vibrant Economy 2018, she was awarded Startup Director of the Year for London and the South by the Institute of Directors (May 2018). She was the only Startup female finalist in the national IoD awards (Oct 2018). Her business, TechPixies was named Women in Business Startup of the Year 2018 and Enterprise Nation Female Startup of the Year 2017. Joy and her company have recently been profiled in Forbes for raising £150,000 and Stella for breaking down barriers for women wanting to re-ignite their careers and in April 2019, TechNation has named TechPixies ‘one to watch’ in the EdTech space.