[Episode 93] Don't let barriers get in your way. How Toni Kent thrived to achieve a freelance life she loves

There’s a brilliant exercise in this week’s episode that you need to hear (check it out at 30:14). It’s Toni Kent’s version of a TechPixies BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal, in case you’re wondering) and it helped her work out what she REALLY wanted. Today, Toni, our guest on the Sparkle and Thrive Podcast, is enjoying a pretty sweet ride through life: 🎭 doing stand-up comedy about social mobility, ✍️  poetry about Hoovering up loom bands, and 🎤 writing raps for sales directors (a strong rival to the TechPixies birthday rap, no doubt! Woo-oo-oo-ooo!). But her life hasn’t also been so charmed.Toni grew up with money – or the lack of it – on her mind, and its scarcity in her childhood has been a major motivator for her ever since. But what do you do when you make a six-figure salary and then wake up one day realising that your dream job is no longer quite so dreamy? Here’s why you need to tune inHear how the female role models in the work lives of Toni and Joy (podcast host extraordinaire) left each with widely different impressions about making money. Discover the actions Toni took to give herself the best shot at freelance life, and don’t stop listening until you’ve caught Joy and Toni discussing why coaching is a must. It’s simple: people are people because of other people.Here’s what to listen out for:[01:43] How Toni’s childhood impacted her feelings about money.[05:19] Tune in for Joy’s brilliant point about role models. [08:00] Find out what Toni does when she’s turned down for a job. [12:00] Hear Toni’s feelings about earning a six-figure salary. [15:44] Learn why Toni decides to go it alone. [17:30] How Toni sets herself up for freelance life[23:46] Discover Toni’s freelance journey. [25:34] Hear the promise Toni made to herself that changed everything. [28:19] Learn about the social media superpower you already have! [29:16] Stuck about what to do next? Hear this. [30:20] Tune in for top tips on facing your fear and doing it away. [32:54] Why you should be investing in coaching.PRESS PLAY NOW. For links and resources mentioned in this episode, please visit our website. Huge shout out to TechPixie Sophie Rose Simmons who created the pre-roll voiceover to our podcast! If you would like her to create your pre-roll voice over, please check her out at https://www.sophierosevoice.com.

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Joy Foster is an award winning entrepreneur who helps women upskill with modern technology in order to return to work, change careers or start a business. Most recently she was recognised by Grant Thornton as one of the 100 Faces of the Vibrant Economy 2018, she was awarded Startup Director of the Year for London and the South by the Institute of Directors (May 2018). She was the only Startup female finalist in the national IoD awards (Oct 2018). Her business, TechPixies was named Women in Business Startup of the Year 2018 and Enterprise Nation Female Startup of the Year 2017. Joy and her company have recently been profiled in Forbes for raising £150,000 and Stella for breaking down barriers for women wanting to re-ignite their careers and in April 2019, TechNation has named TechPixies ‘one to watch’ in the EdTech space.