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FIFTY: The Stars, the States, and the Stories; Arizona, "Finding Planet X"

This week's Free story comes from the "Fifty Stories for Fifty States" Collection It's called "Arizona; Looking for Planet X" Wealthy businessman, mathematician, and author Percival Lowell, dedicated the last years of his life and most of his personal riches to one mission: to find the mysterious “Planet X” — the supposed ninth planet in the solar system. His singular focus created the facility and calculations that would accomplish this goal, but it was the diligence and can-do practicality of a Kansas farm boy who would actually make Lowell’s dream come true. Each week on the Sparkle Stories Podcast, we share a free story from one of our original story series! For many many many more stories like this one, visit the Sparkle website: Questions? Ideas? Requests? Email us! Enjoy!

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