#245 The court of law in the USA -part 2

Today, let's keep talking about words related to trials. And to help you improve your English fluency, I have created a fun mini-story. As usual, I will ask you many simple questions you must answer quickly. It's just like having a conversation with someone in real life. Okay! Let's start! #1 Expert witness An expert witness is someone who, in a trial, gives their professional and impartial opinion on a specific topic related to the trial. Sometimes they may prepare a report or testify. Example: The expert witness gave his professional opinion on the box. It was indeed an empty box of chocolate chip cookies. #2 Witness A witness is someone who has direct knowledge of the facts on trial. Witnesses are essential because they can help determine a defendant's guilt. For example, a witness can provide key information about the crime's circumstances and help confirm whether the defendant was present at the crime scene. Example: The witness testified with horror that he saw the defendant eating and tasting the last chocolate chip cookie in the box. #3 Cross-examination In trials, an attorney asks the defendant and others questions to find out more about what happened. For example, imagine this cross-examination between the prosecutor and the defendant: - So, why did you lick your fingers? - Because they were covered in chocolate. - There are no further questions, Your Honor. #4 Judge The judge is the most influential person in the courtroom. They preside over the trial and pass sentences. 'Your Honor' is a respectful form to address a judge. Example: The judge ruled that the defendant was guilty of eating the last cookie without sharing it with his friends.   Get the transcript on my website:  https://SpeakEnglishPodcast.com/podcast

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