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#5. Talking about Your Hobbies and Likes in English | Falando Sobre Seus Hobbies e Gostos em Inglês

How can we describe our hobbies in English? In this lesson, you will:  1. Learn how to say what you like, enjoy, love, and hate doing; 2. Increase your vocabulary about different hobbies; 3. Explain why you like your hobbies. ------------------------------------------------------------  Como podemos descrever nossos hobbies em inglês? Nesta aula, você irá: 1. Aprender a dizer o que você gosta, gosta, ama e odeia fazer; 2. Aumentar seu vocabulário sobre diferentes hobbies; 3. Explicar por que você gosta de seus hobbies.   Share the podcast with people who want to become fluent in English. See you next lesson! Video link:

Om Podcasten

Welcome to Speak Now English Academy podcast! This is a modern way to learn how to speak English efficiently. This podcast's been created to help you become fluent in English by practicing your listening and speaking skills. Our academy wants to keep empowering you, hoping to boost your energy to keep moving towards the objectives you have in life within the English language! Climb every mountain, feel every moment. Speak Now!