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Special Parents Confidential Episode 57 Parent Stories 02

av Special Parents Confidential | Publicerades 5/22/2018

Special Parents Confidential 57 Parent Stories 02 We continue our new series of episodes dedicated to Parent Stories – real life experiences raising a child with special needs. When I first started doing these podcast episodes, my goal was to provide two things – answers and advice from experts on many subjects of concern to parents of special needs kids, and stories of experience from other parents of special needs kids. I wanted to re-create some of the support group meetings I’ve attended where we would hear from an expert and the the parents would get to talk. Hearing parent stories can help because we all seem to do better when we know we’re not alone. Of course, when the episodes started I mostly began finding lots of professionals willing to talk about their areas of expertise that could help all of us with our kids. And the parent stories idea has kind of taken a backseat to those episodes on advice. We Really Are All In This Together. Well starting with this episode, we’re going to feature parent stories. We’ll hear from parents who’s kids are either still in school, or recently graduated from school. Parents who have worked for and fought for their kids, parents who have struggled and may still be struggling, or parents who have somehow gotten through. They may not have always gotten exactly the help they wanted for their child, but they were able to get  the best they could and their kids are either on their way toward independence or already there. We’re giving these episodes the designation, Special Parents Confidential Parent Stories, so that you’ll know that they’re different from the regular episodes. But I think you’ll find yourself learning as much from these stories as you do from our expert interviews. Welcome Sandy Carlson In this episode we hear from Sandy Carlson. She and her husband Steve have three boys, the oldest of which is Harrison, who has autism. Harrison is now in his 20s and has a full time job, but as you’ll hear from Sandy, they didn’t really know anything about what to expect for his future. Not much was known about the future for children with autism, even just 20 years ago, and the improvements that have come since then have made a real difference. Connect With Us On Facebook! A great way for you to stay in touch with me and communicate your thoughts on these episodes is on the facebook page for Special Parents Confidential. Use the Facebook button on the right side of this website, or the button at the bottom of this text, or use this link. You can also search Special Parents Confidential on Facebook. It’s also a great way to share our podcast with everyone you know.

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