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Special Parents Confidential Episode 62 Lori’s Voice

av Special Parents Confidential | Publicerades 9/4/2018

Lori’s Voice. We’re introducing you to Lori and Dave Hastings, and their organization, Lori’s Voice. As any parent of a special needs child can tell you, money is one of the biggest challenges. It seems that everything involving your child requires large amounts of money. Medical treatments, therapies, additional equipment, travel expenses, the list can seem endless. The real problem is medical insurance doesn’t always pay for much of these expenses.  Financial Help In Difficult Times. Lori’s Voice is a new kind of organization whose sole purpose is to provide funding for those expenses. They get donations and sponsor fundraisers to raise money so that they can help families pay for whatever they need. From their website: “The Purpose of Lori’s Voice is to Provide Equipment, Educational Services, and Medical Assistance to Children With Neuromuscular, Degenerative Diseases, and Mobility Issues.” They’ve Never Done Anything Like It Before. Lori and Dave Hastings never ran any kind of a foundation or charity organization before. Yet, they didn’t let that keep them from trying. By founding Lori’s Voice, they’ve been able to help dozens of families. Lori talks about her very personal motivation for getting involved in this work, and how others can start similar organizations. You’ll also learn how you can donate and help. Although Lori’s Voice is located in, and focuses primarily on West Michigan, others can make it happen anywhere. Links Mentioned In The Podcast Lori’s Voice Website Lori’s Voice Facebook Page Lori’s Voice Twitter Feed Connect With SPC On Facebook! A great way to connect with us is through our Facebook page. Use the social media button for Facebook on our website to find us. You can comment on episodes you’ve listened to, and suggest topics for upcoming interviews. Please be sure to help spread the word about Special Parents Confidential by sharing our page in your status. Thanks for your support!

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