Season 2 - Episode 4 - Can Men Be Feminists? with Greg Proops

Hi Spilling Chai Listeners! How are you? Welcome to Episode 4 of Season 2 of “Spilling Chai” coming to you from Washington, DC. I’m your host, Anushay Hossain. I’ve been a feminist for such a large part of my life and one of the things that makes me the happiest is when men not only support women’s rights but openly call themselves feminists. One of the most frustrating things I have dealt with in my career is having to repeat that being a feminist does not mean hating men. [Insert massive eye roll gif please]. Thank goodness it is a new era because now not only do men openly identify with feminism but people are finally getting the message that when women win, everyone wins.

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Welcome to “Spilling Chai” with Anushay & Friends. You may know Anushay Hossain as the Bangladeshi-American cable news commentator who debates toxic masculinity with Tucker Carlson on Fox News or maybe you’ve read her articles on CNN about toxic white supremacy. While Anushay may be a pro at giving her opinion and analysis on the headlines, something you don’t get to hear her do is ask the questions and talk about something other than the news. This podcast, “Spilling Chai” is about conversations. Anushay wants to feel inspired, and radio is such a great medium to have really in-depth conversations and to take the time to have them. In this show, Anushay is going to be talking to brilliant writers, passionate activists, and amazing artists and she wants you to join us! “Spilling Chai” is also a PSA on behalf of all Brown people that in most of Asia and the Middle East, chai is not a latte. Instead, it’s the best kind of tea and on this podcast, we are all about spilling it. So pour your cup and pull up a seat!