Is Squall DEAD? | Final Fantasy VIII Analysis | State of the Arc Podcast

Is Squall dead? Is he just dreaming? We are about to take a (quite) critical look at the Squall is dead theory. Why? Why does Squall have to be dead? Is Mario dead? All those mushrooms and turtles sure seem to indicate so. Is Final Fantasy VIII too Fantasy and not based enough in reality for you? Do we feel the need to bring fantasy down to the materialist, hyper-rational world in order to enjoy it, or can it just stand on its own two feet? Or, maybe to hit a little closer to home... are YOU dead? Time Codes: 1. **We’re Now On Spotify**: **Listen On Soundcloud**: **Listen On iTunes**: **Listen On Pocket Cast**: Patreon Page: Subscribe Star: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: TikTok:

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