The Gospel That Will Awaken Miltia | Xenosaga Ep.II Analysis: (Ep.2) | State Of The Arc Podcast

Despite attempts by many of you to convince us otherwise, we still really like this game! While visiting her brother, Jin, Shion blames his absence for the deaths of their parents during the Miltian Conflict. Meanwhile, during a procedure to analyze the Y-Data MOMO possesses, a virus implanted by Albedo activates, and MOMO fragments her own personality to keep Mizrahi's data secure. Shion, Jr. and the rest of the group initiate an encephalon dive to enter MOMO's subconscious and save her. During this period, Jr. reveals that he and his brothers were part of an experiment by Dmitri Yuriev: Yuriev's wish was to create an existence that would neutralize U-DO. The three of them were close, but Albedo became despondent when he discovered his immortality was unique to him, meaning he would outlive his brothers. During an experiment, Jr. breaks the circuit containing a portion of U-DO, resulting in everyone except himself, Albedo, and Gaignun being killed. After being touched by U-DO, Albedo goes insane while Gaignun remains unaffected. As they save MOMO, Albedo hacks in and tricks MOMO into releasing the decoded Y-Data to him, and using that data, Albedo opens the way to Miltia. With Miltia accessible, the Federation, U-TIC, and the Immigrant Fleet fight each other for control of the Zohar hidden on the planet.

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