Stay Calm with Bob Roth

Meditation can Protect

av Stay Calm with Bob Roth | Publicerades 4/30/2020

Quarantines produce many challenges, but some are more difficult than others. Today, Bob reaches out to those who may be trapped in situations of domestic abuse by sharing Andrea’s story. He provides resources to help anyone in a situation like Andrea’s, and offers advice on how to stay calm throughout these traumatic events.

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Each Monday through Thursday morning, host and meditation teacher Bob Roth shares bite-sized talks designed to bring you one step closer to finding peace in your life – from sharing personal stories about the power of meditation to teaching simple tips about living well. Whether you want to master meditation or just want to find a moment of peace during these turbulent times, tune in, get comfortable, and let Bob guide you to a calmer you. All you need is a few minutes and an open mind.