Stay Calm with Bob Roth

We are all Caregivers

av Stay Calm with Bob Roth | Publicerades 4/28/2020

Bob tells the story of Tanya, one of the heroes working as an ER nurse on the front lines of this pandemic. Tanya overcomes the difficulties she faces every day through meditation, a vital practice that we should adopt as we all face the possibility of becoming caregivers to loved ones at this time or in the future.

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Each Monday through Thursday morning, host and meditation teacher Bob Roth shares bite-sized talks designed to bring you one step closer to finding peace in your life – from sharing personal stories about the power of meditation to teaching simple tips about living well. Whether you want to master meditation or just want to find a moment of peace during these turbulent times, tune in, get comfortable, and let Bob guide you to a calmer you. All you need is a few minutes and an open mind.