Our Story: How We Knew We Were the “One” For Each Other with Grant Troutt

This week, our host Madi is joined by a very special guest, her husband Grant Troutt. For the first time ever, Madi and Grant share their full love story: how they met, what dating was like, what happened when they posted their relationship on social media, how they knew they were the “one” for each other, the reason for a quick engagement, and why they moved to Waco, Texas. They will share all of the behind-the-scene moments of newlywed life learning all of the big C’s: Conflict, Communication, and Community. Enjoy this week’s episode and as always- stay you, stay true.

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What is truth? And how do I “stay true” to it? Stay True is a podcast full of truth, relatable “me too” moments, and real-life advice on how to stay true to your values, beliefs, and standards. Hosted by Madison Prewett Troutt, best-selling author, speaker, and influencer.  This is a podcast where vibes and values meet. We’ll laugh, we’ll cry and we’ll get real. Here, you can expect a safe space where you will have fun and grow. Madi will be the friend who speaks the truth in love, telling you not just what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. So grab your fav snack, put on your comfiest sweats, and let’s talk about it all. Life can be hard and confusing, but together we can stay true.