003 * Paula Holsberry Steps Away from the Classroom to Become a Virtual Assistant and Business Consultant

Paula Holsberry is the founder and CEO of Tessera Virtual Business Solutions. She is dedicated to helping business owners grow their business by offering customized systems strategy and business management. Learn how Paula stepped away from the classroom and into a position as a virtual assistant and ultimately a business consultant.Visit www.stepawayfromtheclassroom.com for more information, show notes, episode transcripts, and helpful career resources.Join our Step Away from the Classroom Facebook community to connect with other current and former teachers leveraging their skills to redefine and reimagine their work lives.

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A podcast dedicated to every teacher who has ever thought about stepping away from the classroom. Hosted by a former classroom teacher of twenty years, guests bring hope and inspiration to listeners by sharing their personal success stories of transitioning to a new career.