004 * Kristy Lash Steps Away from the Classroom to Become a Nurse

Kristy Lash is a former teacher and certified athletic trainer.  She graduated from Texas State University, San Marcos with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science in 2007.  She worked as the head athletic trainer for an arena football team in Texas before moving back to Santa Barbara where she was born and raised.  Kristy started a job at a local high school as an athletic trainer, caring for over 200 athletes each year.  She was surprised at how much she enjoyed working at the high school level and pursued a teaching career.  Kristy taught biology and anatomy/physiology for six years before making the tough decision to leave teaching and start the journey toward a nursing career.  She will graduate in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  She is hoping to work on the cardiac unit where she is currently employed and looking forward her future in nursing.  Outside of work, Kristy enjoys hiking, travel, cooking, and family BBQs.Learn how Kristy stepped away from the classroom and into a position as a nurse.Visit www.stepawayfromtheclassroom.com for more information, show notes, episode transcripts, and helpful career resources.Join our Step Away from the Classroom Facebook community to connect with other current and former teachers leveraging their skills to redefine and reimagine their work lives.

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