005 * Kasey Hill Steps Away from the Classroom to Become a Financial Skills Educator for Kids

Kasey Hill is the founder of the financial literacy program called Growing Wealth From the Start. Kasey began her business when she was a stay-at-home mom. She decided to put her skills and experience in education, business, and finance into a family-focused financial program. Kasey wanted to develop a program focused on students having fun by exploring, experimenting, and developing positive ways to view finances in their lives. She networks with over 20 local businesses which open up their doors for students to explore the behind-the-scenes operations of business. Students not only build financial skills but communication and networking skills as well. Her unique program teaches hands-on, innovative, and creative methods in financial education. She teaches the importance of intention, philanthropy, creativity, teamwork, and community. Growing Wealth From the Start uses active learning and engages students using  games, activities, technology, field trips, and discussion beyond the classroom. Kasey invites parents into the classroom as well as teaching parents how to continue to build on what their child has learned in class. Students leave with a plan for their money, confidence to build their skills in finance, and opportunities to support the community in which they live. Learn how Kasey stepped away from the classroom and into a position as a financial skills educator for kids.Visit www.stepawayfromtheclassroom.com for more information, show notes, episode transcripts, and helpful career resources.Join our Step Away from the Classroom Facebook community to connect with other current and former teachers leveraging their skills to redefine and reimagine their work lives.

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