006 * Kat Patrick Steps Away from the Classroom to Start Her Own Company that Delivers Online Courses to Homeschooled Teens

Dr. Kat Patrick now resides in her home state of Texas with her four children, all of whom have been homeschooled since birth. Since 2012, she has been running Dreaming Spires Home Learning, Inc., an American corporation that provides live, online courses for homeschooled teens all over the world. Before returning to Texas, she lived twenty years in England. Her background includes an MA and a teaching degree, both from the UK, while her PhD in literary history comes from University of Delaware. Alongside the four years of high school English she teaches for Dreaming Spires, she continues to grade the UK national English exams for teens. Her hobby is showing Toy Manchester Terriers, little black and tan dogs that are endangered worldwide.Learn how Kat stepped away from the classroom and created her own company delivering online courses to homeschooled teens.Contact Kat Patrick:Website: https://www.dreamingspireshomelearning.com/FB: https://www.facebook.com/dreamingspireshomelearningIG: https://www.instagram.com/katpatrickonlinetutor/Visit www.stepawayfromtheclassroom.com for more information, show notes, episode transcripts, and helpful career resources.Join our Step Away from the Classroom Facebook community to connect with other current and former teachers leveraging their skills to redefine and reimagine their work lives.

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