Using Window Coverings To Bring Your Home To Life with Karen Pereira

On this episode of Step Up Your Home Georgia speaks with Karen Pereira, co owner of Allure Drapes Design & Decor. Karen has been working in the soft furnishing and decorating industry for 16 years. Previously an interior designer and decorator, Karen's knack for material selections and eye for detail has served both her and her clients over many years. Since 2004 Allure Drapes Design and Decor have prided themselves on exemplary customer service, quality and reliability. Here we touch on ...

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Welcome to Step Up your home, I’m your host Georgia, and I am here to remind you that you can create positive changes in your life through your immediate surroundings. Together with renovation experts and thought leaders in the toxic free and healthy home space, I am excited to share our knowledge and to show you how you can step up your home, and your life….