SLP310 Should We Stop Using Software Wallets? Bitcoin Software Security With Charles Guillemet

Charles Guillemet, CTO of Ledger rejoins me on the show to talk about the risks present with Bitcoin software wallets. Don’t miss this episode for security discussion on why you shouldn't be keeping large amounts of bitcoin on software wallets and why hardware is becoming more and more necessary to protect bitcoin from theft. We chat: Exploits using Pegasus Key aspects of Bitcoin security Extracting secrets using malware from desktop wallets and phone wallets Desktops, phones, hardware security What to do instead Links: Article: On the security model of software wallets - Twitter: @P3b7_ Site: Sponsors: Swan Bitcoin Hodl Hodl Lend Compass Mining Unchained Capital (code LIVERA) CypherSafe (code LIVERA) (code LIVERA) Stephan Livera links: Show notes and website Follow me on Twitter @stephanlivera Subscribe to the podcast Patreon @stephanlivera

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