Corona in Serbia: Interview with Dr Chiheb Guerfel #4 Foreigners Speak Serbian Podcast

An interview with Dr Chiheb Guerfel, a Tunisian who lives in Novi Sad, Serbia, CEO of Poseidon CRO group of companies engaged in epidemiologic and clinical research.   The 4th episode in the series "Foreigners Speak Serbian". In this episode Magdalena and Dr Chiheb talk about the Corona virus pandemic, the current situation in Serbia and how to deal with the epidemic.  Visit the homepage of this episode with transcript. "Foreigners Speak Serbian" (Stranci govore srpski) is a Serbian language podcast dedicated to all Serbian language learners for motivation, inspiration and as a source of vocabulary and listening practice.    If you'd like to be my guest and share your story in this podcast, get in touch! :) 

Om Podcasten

Who are the people that learn Serbian? Why are they learning it? How? What's the most challenging thing about learning Serbian? After getting similar questions for years as a Serbian teacher, I decided to present you some of the amazing people who love Serbia and learn Serbian. I talk with people of different backgrounds who learn Serbian: some are of Serbian descent, others are scientists or polyglots, tourists or expats, or simply in love with a Serb or our country. I hope that together we’ll inspire more people to learn Serbian. Magdalena from Serbonika