German Speaks Serbian #1 Foreigners Speak Serbian Language Podcast: Interview with Henning Jochem

An interview with Henning Jochem - a German who loves Slavic languages. The 1st episode in the series "Foreigners Speak Serbian" - a new podcast in and about the Serbian language   This episode's homepage. Video with English and Serbian subtitles available. "Foreigners Speak Serbian" (Stranci govore srpski) is a Serbian language podcast dedicated to all Serbian language learners for motivation, inspiration and as a source of vocabulary and listening practice. If you've got a story to share and you'd like to be my guest in this podcast, do get in touch! Hvala puno! :)

Om Podcasten

Who are the people that learn Serbian? Why are they learning it? How? What's the most challenging thing about learning Serbian? After getting similar questions for years as a Serbian teacher, I decided to present you some of the amazing people who love Serbia and learn Serbian. I talk with people of different backgrounds who learn Serbian: some are of Serbian descent, others are scientists or polyglots, tourists or expats, or simply in love with a Serb or our country. I hope that together we’ll inspire more people to learn Serbian. Magdalena from Serbonika