BTW 59: What to Expect in the Lovers Year

Today on Between the Worlds we discuss the transition from the Hierophant year to the Lovers year. What it means for you, and what it means for the world. Tune in to find out how 2021 deepened our understanding of lineages and ancestry in recognition of the more-than-human world; and how the Hierophant called us all to become students and masters. We discuss the concept of the daimon as an intermediary between the human and more-than-human realms, and how that may have impacted us collectively and personally. Finally, we take a deep dive into the Lovers year, anticipating likely themes relating to love, relationships, independence, interdependence, individualism, decoloniality, what we need to compost, and what the Lovers year is calling out for each of us to practice. Come walk with us in the open winds, and talk with us like the Lovers do! To find out more about our workshops either scroll down or visit our website.

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