Episode Four: Pet Shock Boys

The series is entirely crowd-funded. If you'd like to join our magnificent Mirthling supporters in helping us keep it online anything you buy from our Memorabilia Store, or any loose change from the back of your space sofa is very welcome!Trev & Simon embark on another mad mission to Planet Mirth with Sophie, to find the rightful owner of her beloved day-glow alien space pet... but soon wish they hadn’t! And along the way Sophie gets an unexpected message from home! Regular Crew: David Annen as Jeremy, Barnaby Edwards as L.E.M.O.N., Doon Mackichan as Bounty Flightingale & Sarah Madigan as M.A.D.I.  Series produced by Clare Eden with soundscape by Dave Palser.Ep2 Guests: Rufus Hound as Atrocious Knocious & Peter Guinness as Doctor ScarifiumEp3 Guest: Alexei Sayle as Keith KeysEp4 Guest: Paterson Joseph as The PuppymasterFinale Part 1 Guests: Katy Brand as Professor Nicole Petite, Sally Phillips as Dr Nicky Shipp and Sylvester McCoy as Sophie's Dad Nigel Finale Part 2 Guests: Sarah Greene as Joanna McBride, Peter Guinness as Doctor Scarifium and Sylvester McCoy as Sophie's Dad Nigelwww.strangenessinspace.com

Om Podcasten

Listed in The Guardian's "50 Podcasts You Need To Hear" list. "Beautifully written and produced. The soundscape is excellent", "Non stop giggles from beginning to end. Each episode gets funnier!"..."A fantastically funny audio series" ... "This is what crowd-funding should be about"... "Superb production on a micro-budget, full of cartoon wit and invention"... "Great cast, great production" ... Six episodes of comedy space adventure for anyone aged 8 to 80, and beyond. Written by, and starring, Saturday Morning TV comedy duo Trev & Simon with Sophie Aldred (Dr Who, & Tree Fu Tom). Trev, Simon & Sophie find themselves stuck on a broken down spaceship orbiting the Planet Mirth. Will they ever get home? And how did the heckers did they get there in the first place? With regulars David Annen, Barnaby Edwards, Doon Mackichan and Sarah Madigan; and guest appearances from Alexei Sayle, Carol Cleveland, Katy Brand, Paterson Joseph, Peter Guinness, Rufus Hound, Sally Phillips, Sarah Greene & Sylvester McCoy. Produced by Clare Eden, with soundscape by Dave Palser. All entirely funded by its Mirthling audience at http://strangenessinspace.com/crowdfund/ AND IF YOU ENJOYED IT ON ITUNES PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW THERE - IT REALLY HELPS!