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s01e08 Liv Mjönes

av Stream Close Up | Publicerades 5/16/2018

On the latest episode of Stream Close Up actress Liv Mjönes joins Brian to share some breaking news regarding her new project Stockholm Requiem based on Kristina Ohlsson’s books where she will take on the leading role of Fredrika Bergman. As usual, they also go on deep dive discussing Liv’s origin story. Liv is the third guest from the hit series Advokaten to visit the podcast. They talk about that show plus her experience on Torpederna, a show that was brought back from the dead by popular demand, and Hotel Seger a show that put the final nail in the coffin for soap operas in Sweden. We also explore her work on films like Miffo & All Inclusive and her experience working in both the film and stage versions of The Serious Game among other topics.

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